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Sarah Joy

Sarah Joy Staude


Sarah Joy is an enterprising professional with 20 years of experience in the fields of student exchange and travel. She is an international travel consultant and the owner of Boyero Tours in Costa Rica, specializing in ecological and rural tourism. She is passionate about project management for the PWNCR and loves to support other women in their professional endeavors.

Muni Figueres Facio

Vice President

She is an enthusiast for environmental protection, social responsibility, and justice. She believes that everything one does in life should be done with responsibility towards the surroundings.

With a background in Industrial Engineering and Environmental Sciences, life led her to delve into cancer biology, hence her passion for health. Tears well up whenever she casts her vote, and she adores the colors of her flag. She greets others with a firm handshake, disliking bell peppers and those who avoid eye contact.

Muni Figueres
Rommy Herrera

Rommy Herrera

Director of Membership

Rommy M. Herrera, MBA, Intl Mgmt. Rommy will always make you feel welcome and that you are at the right place. She will answer your questions and follow up with your membership. As the Director of Finances she monitors the money received and manages the payment of expenses in coordination with the President. You will see Rommy at registration at PWNCR meetings, her natural charisma will make you feel comfortable as she guides you throughout the process.

Ana Lucia Guerrero

Director of Communications

Ana is a multilingual professional with over 20 years of experience in managerial roles in international organizations and luxury travel companies. She currently works independently as an official translator and interpreter (English-Spanish). Ana became Director of Communications for PWNCR in July 2022. She is passionate about cultures and languages, personal growth and women empowerment. She is also a certified Vital Voices mentor.
Ana Guerrero
Gabriela Gutierrez

Gabriela Gutiérrez

Director of Events

For over 20 years, Gabriela has facilitated educational travel for U.S. university student groups in Costa Rica, offering diverse programs to cater to various academic interests. Fluent in English, French, and Spanish, she holds dual citizenship (Costa Rican and U.S.). Her mission is to promote Costa Rica and open international students’ minds to the global world, emphasizing conservation, sustainable business opportunities, green practices, and a healthier lifestyle.

Annia Chaves Alfaro

Chief Information Officer

Annia is an enterprising professional professional with 15+ years of experience leading and motivating teams of 70+ people, driving operational excellence in diverse environments, including consumer support, financial, and risk management. Her expertise lies in innovation planning and project implementation, using various market methodologies. Adapting rapidly to change, she excels in fast-paced environments with strict compliance regulations. Annia has a proven track record of successfully handling crisis situations and transitions while ensuring top-quality work, customer and client satisfaction, and exceeding key regional goals.

Annia Chaves
Jacqui Monacell

Jacqui Monacell

Door Prize Manager

Jacqui is a fresh addition to the team, brimming with enthusiasm and excitement to dive into her role and contribute wholeheartedly. She is eager to get involved, actively seeking ways to support the LT (Leadership Team) in reaching its goals and objectives. Being a proactive and collaborative individual, Jacqui is determined to make a positive impact and assist fellow team members in their growth and development within the organization.

Phylliss Crist

Founding Member and Advisor to the Leadership Team

Phylliss is a Founding Member and key Advisor to the Leadership Team. Her extensive experience and unwavering commitment have been instrumental in shaping the organization’s foundation and strategic direction. With her invaluable guidance, she fosters a collaborative environment where innovative ideas thrive, empowering team members to achieve their goals and realize the organization’s vision. 

Phyllis Crist
Helen Griffin

Helen Griffin

Advisor to the Leadership Team

Helen is enjoying her retirement while successfully managing Airbnb apartments in San Pedro. Her passion for hospitality shines through as she provides exceptional experiences to her guests, earning praise and loyalty from visitors around the world.

Helen serves as a trusted Advisor to the PWNCR Leadership Team. Drawing from her wealth of experience, she offers valuable insights and guidance, making her a pivotal force in shaping its success and empowering the women it serves.

Alysha Tribbett

Director of Social Responsibility

Aly is an experienced Project Manager and Business Analyst with a 10-year history of working in complex, fast-paced environments. She has worked on project across 4 continents, in industries ranging from Fashion to Publishing to Healthcare.

Alysha Tribbett
adriana soto pwncr

Adriana Soto

Membership Coordinator

Adriana is a Spanish and Literature teaching student who loves helping people and making a positive impact in other’s lives.

The PWNCR is searching for passionate women to take on an active role in the network. Like any organization, there are many tasks to complete each month just to keep the network up and running. Additionally, we welcome professionals from all disciplines to contribute their expertise and skills in any way which helps improve or grow the network.


A few of the tasks/positions where we are currently seeking new leaders include:

  • Videographer/Photographer with experience streaming on YouTube
  • Blogger
  • Social Media Manager
  • Light & Sound Technician


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