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Sarah Joy pwncr

Sarah Joy Staude


Sarah Joy is a dynamic professional with 20 years of experience in the fields of student exchange and travel. She is an international travel consultant and the owner of Boyero Tours in Costa Rica, specializing in ecological and rural tourism. She is passionate about project management for the PWNCR and loves to support other women in their professional endeavors.

Andrea Minicola

Vice President

Andrea Minicola is the owner of Speakhabla Language Solutions, a local business which provides English classes to Costa Rican professionals. They help their students dominate the English Language so they can compete internationally in a Global Market. Andrea wants the PWNCR network to help other women achieve the high level of confidence they need to succeed in life both personally and professionally. She is a strong believer in the power of networking to improve your life.

Andrea Minicola pwncr
Rommy Herrera pwncr

Rommy Herrera

Director of Membership

Rommy M. Herrera, MBA, Intl Mgmt. Rommy will always make you feel welcome and that you are at the right place. She will answer your questions and follow up with your membership. As the Director of Finances she monitors the money received and manages the payment of expenses in coordination with the President. You will see Rommy at registration at PWNCR meetings, her natural charisma will make you feel comfortable as she guides you throughout the process.

Karen Duarte

PWNCR Membership Team

Karen is a charismatic, kind and dynamic professional and one of the smiling faces who will warmly greet you at the PWNCR registration table. She is passionate about traveling, interacting with different cultures, learning new skills, healthy living, and personal growth. She combines passions for helping people and healthy living as a Wellness Coach for the WildFit 90 day program. As a coach, she helps people improve their relationship with food, reset their metabolism, end sugar cravings and emotional eating to improve their energy levels and overall health and vitality.

Karen Duarte pwncr

The PWNCR is searching for passionate women to take on an active role in the network. Like any organization, there are many tasks to complete each month just to keep the network up and running. Additionally, we welcome professionals from all disciplines to contribute their expertise and skills in any way which helps improve or grow the network.


A few of the tasks/positions where we are currently seeking new leaders include:

  • Videographer/Photographer with experience streaming on YouTube
  • Blogger
  • Social Media Manager
  • Light & Sound Technician
  • Event Planner


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