October 2022 PWNCR Update

Announcing 4th Annual Goods & Services Fair
Sarah Joy
November 2, 2022

Professional Women´s Network of Costa Rica



This week marks another historic accomplishment for the Professional Women’s Network! Our President Sarah Joy Staude and our Membership Director Rommy Herrera have received our association’s legal books and finalized all the requirements for the PWNCR bank accounts! Updated banking information will be available for your next membership renewal. Please write to info@pwncr.com if you are ready to renew now!
We extend our gratitude to the entire PWNCR Leadership Team who has helped move these steps forward and especially to past president Andrea Minicola who saw the need a couple of years ago and set us up to take these steps!!! Eternal appreciation goes out to our angel donor and the first president of PWNCR, Natalie Vargas Marín, who paid the legal fees to register the association. Thank you to Phylliss Crist who has the amazing ability to find the right person! And last but not least, a huge thank you to the membership at large for your enthusiastic and consistent participation! Our events are a joy due to you and the wonderful interactions we gain makes all the paperwork worth it!

October 2022 PWNCR Update 1

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Announcing 4th Annual Goods & Services Fair

4th Annual Goods & Services Fair


The holidays are coming! The 2022 PWNCR Holiday Goods & Services Fair is the place to be (in person) on Saturday, November 19th at Tin Jo Asian Restaurant. Whether you want to buy your Christmas gifts, sell Christmas gifts, or have the opportunity to promote your goods and services, this is going to be a festive event.

Vendors, this is of course also a valuable opportunity to promote your business (follow this link for details on what to prepare and what to expect)!

Free entrance for attendees! This event is open to PWNCR members and all friends of the PWNCR! That means young and old, men and women!

This is a fantastic time to prepare for the holidays with creative gift ideas that will support PWNCR members and help them to build their businesses.

Vendors and Attendees, you will also have the chance to win excellent door prizes!

Date: Saturday, November 19th 10am-12.45pm
Where: Tin Jo Asian Restaurant, San Jose
Attendees: Free! Please come to shop and win door prizes!
Vendor Table Cost for PWNCR Members: 10,000 colones
Vendor Tables are available for members only; please note that there are 15 available and they will be available on a first come, first served basis
Door prizes – you must be present to win! Door prizes will be raffled off hourly on the hour!

You may join the PWNCR or renew your membership in order to qualify as a vendor. Please email info@pwncr.com for payment details.

20,000 colones for 1 year
38,000 colones for 2 years
50,000 colones for 3 years

Attendees only:
If you are coming as an attendee and shopper, please register your attendance here so that we can get a head count!

Vendors only:
If you aren’t sure if your PWNCR membership is up-to-date, reach out to our Membership Manager, Rommy Herrera at info@pwncr.com

Go here to register as a vendor and to learn the details of what you need to prepare and what to expect! (You may go ahead with this step if you are in the process of joining or renewing your membership)

Notes: If you are driving, you can park at the Parqueo Musical – they have good rates and if you eat at Tin Jo you will also get a discount. This Waze point will take you right to the Parqueo Musical.

After the event you will have the option to stay for lunch at Tin Jo Asian Restaurant; we will have menus available during the event so that you can pre-order your food.

Register to attend our 4th Annual Goods & Services Fair


What our Members Say About Us

We recently asked current PWNCR Members what it is that keeps them coming back to this network and here are some of their answers:

Hope! – Gail

I love the ability to create connections with smart, powerful and kind women, in a shared journey to lift each other up through community and shared values. – Cathy

Meeting interesting good women and exchanging new ideas and connections. – Martha

Having some very rewarding women time – Gabriela

Meeting fascinating women I would not have met in any other venue…making friends and exchanging resources! – Phylliss

I really am impressed by how this group is there for each other – I feel privileged to have met so many heart-centered Women and am glad to be a part of it! – Fabienne

Our PWNCR events are energizing and I have had such fun connecting with like-minded women. The sisterhood is truly what I love best – and building my business is a great perk too! – Sarah Joy

PWNCR has been a source of valuable information that has made a difference in my personal and business life. I not only re-connected with a great art teacher, Jim Theologos (of blessed memory) but also have met wise women and they have much to teach and share. – Pilar

I love how you can connect and build network with a diversity of women of different backgrounds, ages, careers, etc. It’s a wealth of invaluable knowledge conveniently available in a single group! – Annia

I love the connections and friendships I have made over the years. Such a diverse group of women of all ages, backgrounds etc. – very inspirational. Also great networking for business! – Adele

I love how many impressive, caring women are in the group. I also love how we gather resources and connections together to help each other. – Helen

I have been with the group (almost since it started) and I love also how it has evolved. It is a YES! group! – Victoria

It is a delight to meet and interact with  such a group of inspiring, smart  and kind ladies – Elvia

Wonderful programs, and introducing good charitable organizations to support. – Suzanne

I love the networking events that allow me to meet new people. The group trips have also shown me new places I would not have seen otherwise! – Alysha

I lost my job during the pandemic, and I found that this was a great resource. The monthly events are very useful and informational, the Leadership Team is very welcoming, and the rest of the members have become a great source of connection and friendship for me. Oh, and I have also won some amazing prizes including a Jim Theologos original painting and some wonderful essential oils!! – Ana


October 2022 PWNCR Update 2

Benefits of PWNCR Membership

What’s in it for you? What we know you’ll gain from becoming a member:

  • Opportunities to network with other professionals
  • Lifelong friendships
  • Get collaboration and advice on your projects
  • Promote your business using our social media
  • Get strategic contacts when needed
  • Join our monthly meetings
  • In-person events and workshops
  • Opportunities to become a speaker at our meetings
  • Become a mentor or receive mentorship
  • Opportunities to belong to our Leadership Team
  • Join our WhatsApp group
  • Increased job opportunities
  • Webinars and virtual workshops
  • Knowledge and education on professional and personal development
Membership is only ¢20.000 per year or ¢50.000 for a 3 year membership.  Join us, won’t you?

Payment information: Please connect with Rommy for bank transfer information.

Email Rommy, our Director of Membership!

October 2022 PWNCR Update 3

Social Responsibility Update

Rahab Foundation – PWNCR Fundraising Campaign 2023

Our Fundraising campaign for Rahab Foundation so far has already raised over $1300 and it will continue all through the month of November. We have two angel donors who have donated larger amounts, so let’s finish up this fundraiser on an amazing note; we can definitely surpass $1500 in total!

The Rahab Foundation has been working against sexual exploitation and human trafficking in Costa Rica since 1997. If you are not familiar with their work yet, you can learn more about this amazing organization on their Facebook page or watch a presentation by Rahab Foundation’s Founder and Director, Mariliana Morales, on our Youtube channel.

Donations can be made directly to the Fundación Rahab locally via SINPE Movil or with a transfer to their Banco Nacional accounts. There is also an option to make a US tax-deductible donation via Amigos de Costa Rica.

SINPE Móvil: Name: Fundación Rahab. Phone number: 8858 0589

Banco Nacional
Name: Fundación Rahab.
Account in colones: Cuenta IBAN: CR25015109510010001434
Account in dollars: Cuenta IBAN: CR82015109520020023272

When you make a donation, please put PWNCR in the description so we can keep track of all donations! Also (and this is super important), please notify administracion@fundacionrahab.org and info@pwncr.com so we can recognize you as a donor!

If you would like to clean out your closet and donate professional work wear, we can help coordinate the donation of that clothing to Rahab. Please email info@pwncr.com if you would like to bring it to our November event or find another time to donate. If you have other clothing (such as sports shoes or everyday clothing) we can also help coordinate this donation. Please note that it would be to the Costa Rican Humanitarian Foundation to help the Venezuelan migrants.

A big thank you to PWNCR’s Social Responsibililty Manager, Natalia Hidalgo Morillo for spearheading this fundraising campaign!


Best Regards,

Sarah Joy Staude


Professional Women’s Network of Costa Rica

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