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Professional Women's Network Buzz April 2019

PWNCR April 2019 meeting
April 14, 2019

Nicole Gamboa

Professional Women's Network Buzz April 2019 1

Animal rescue was the focus of Nicole Gamboa’s presentation at the PWNCRmeeting in April. Nicole is the owner of StarBoxCR, a logistics company that manages international shipping and purchases made through the internet. After founding a successful logistics business Nicole was able to dedicate her time to pursue her passion for animals.
The title of Nicole’s presentation was “Social Responsibility Creates Relationships and Impacts Customer’s Buying Decisions.” Her talk emphasized her work with Asociacion Animalitos Abandonados, a program she leads that has rescued or rehabilitated many dogs, cats, horses, and even wildlife.
Nicole brought a plethora of door prizes to give away to attendees!
Professional Women's Network Buzz April 2019 2
Each of the door prizes Nicole are fundraising items Nicole sells through StarBoxCR and Asociacion Animalitos Abandonados to rais money for her animal rescue efforts.
Professional Women's Network Buzz April 2019 3
To see some of the adorable bags, flip flops, and other swag for animal lovers that you can purchase to support animal rescue efforts you can visit the Instagram store, Animalitos Abandonados.
Professional Women's Network Buzz April 2019 4

The Buzz About the Event

There were a total of 17 attendees at the presentation. Among them were several animal rescue supporters along with some members who were interested to meet the new leadership.

A few of the takeaways attendees shared after the presentation:

  • It is important to learn about animal rescue from someone who is directly involved.
  • It would be good to have a think-tank session to brainstorm ways to promote social responsibility in business.
  • It is nice to see and support people who are actually helping animals as opposed to other rescues that are “kill shelters” or mismanage funds.

 “I’m so happy to see the work that Nicole is doing!”
“Social responsibility is really important but its something I’ve never considered for my business.”
“Nicole Gamboa is one of the most compassionate people I’ve ever met.”

Thank You for Contributing, Nicole!

Professional Women's Network Buzz April 2019 5

At the end of the meeting, Nicole was presented with a Certificate of Appreciation created by Gretchen Treuting, graphic designer (gtreuting@gmail.com ). She also received another year of PWNCR membership when her current year expires. Like all our speakers, Nicole was treated to lunch at Tin Jo where she continued the conversation with the other 14 members who stayed after the meeting.

Our Meeting May 11, 2019

Women Winning in Business: How the PWNCR Can Boost Your Success in Costa Rica
An open house event hosted by Andrea Minicola and Mimi Mudd

  • The six fundamentals of business management
  • New resources, workshops, and professional development from PWNCR
  • An open call to share your needs and shape the future of our network

Professional Women's Network Buzz April 2019 6
Cover for these events is regularly 1.000 CRC for members and 5.000 CRC for visitors, but not this time! For the first time in the history of the PWNCR, we are opening up our monthly speaker event to members and visitors free-of-charge. In response, we hope you’ll be motivated to take that first step and find out what the PWNCRis all about. Discover how membership in our network can help you advance your career.

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