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Professional Women's Network Buzz September 2017

September 19, 2017

Maria Hon gave us a lively and introspective talk of her journey into investing the reality of exiting a business. The first question she ask herself was “Why do I want to exit? What is it that I really want to do?” Her search took her full circle to the realization that she can focus on what she is passionate about in the business to create a fresh perspective and enjoy herself right where she is.
However, Maria has done a great deal of thinking about the mechanics of an exit strategy to put into place for the future. She studied with a business consultant and shared many key points to have in place when running a business.
Does the business make money?
Are the books transparent?
Can it be managed without the owner (Maria)?
If the business can’t manage without you it is not a business, it is self-employment.
Maria also took us down memory lane with the TinJo Restaurant and its history. Many said they were inspired with all of the activities and social responsibilities that the tin Jo participates in and it gave them ideas for their own businesses,
We saw a lot of new faces and heard so0em great stories of new businesses. It was a great meeting, thank you everyone who came and especially Maria Hon for sharing her passion.

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