The Buzz, July 2019

Lorna Rasmussen at the professional women's network meeting in July
Mimi Mudd
July 30, 2019

The Absolute Best Way for Women to make Money

Author, mentor, and coach Lorna Rasmussen shared something that every woman wanted to know: The Absolute Best Way for Women to Make Money!
The title of Lorna’s talk also happens to be the title of her recently published book. I bought a copy and it is a great read!
Lorna led attendees through an interactive workshop featuring exercises from her new book. It was inspiring and insightful. We are grateful that Lorna came and spent some time with us. Watch Lorna talk about the Absolute Best Way for a Woman to make money.

Tax Talk: With PWNCR’s Expert Denise Bermudez

Some big, confusing, and downright scary changes to Costa Rica’s tax laws have gone into effect and Denise really cleared up many things for us. Here is her presentation in case you forgot anything. Watch the 1st Tax Talk! Tax Talk Part Two was awesome!
Denise Bermudez at the PWNCR tax talk

Become a Member

At the meeting, a few attendees said they wanted to become a member but did not have enough cash to pay at the meeting. You can become a member right now. Simply pay your annual dues (12.000 CRC) via bank transfer or deposit into the account of our treasurer:

CEDULA: 1-0764-0571
Account: 11132137147591
Sinpe: 16111132137147591

Please email confirmation of your membership payment to

Next Meeting: August 10th, 2019 – Let Food Be Thy Medicine wit.h Dr. Rasa Nikanjam

Let Food Be They Medicine PWNCR August
Understanding the interconnectedness of body, mind, and spirit is essential for healing in our path to wellness. This is the philosophy of Dr. Rasa Nikanjam, ND, a licensed naturopathic doctor from Canada.
On August 10, Dr. Rasa will discuss the specific ways food can help:

  • depression & anxiety
  • prevent cancer
  • treat diabetes
  • lower blood pressure
  • detox your body

During the meeting, Dr. Rasa will reveal the top superfoods you can begin incorporating into your diet today to achieve optimal health. She will also shed light on eating habits that are the most detrimental to health and the simple changes you can make to feel better now.
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Yoga for Stress Recovery and Breathwork for Healing

Mimi's yoga class at Finca Rosa Blanca
Stress is something that affects us all. It compromises our mental and physical wellbeing and over time, it can lead to numerous health conditions. Common physical manifestations of stress in the body include:

  • pain
  • muscle tension
  • upset stomach/digestive or gastric distress
  • shallow breathing/lack of oxygen
  • rapid heart beat or arrhythmia

Join us before the meeting on August 10 to learn a series of yoga poses for recovering from stress. Led by Mimi Mudd, the class on August 10 is a workshop designed to empower you to care for your body and manage stress in a safe and effective way.
The workshop also includes a specific pranayama (breathwork) technique that is part of an 800-year-old healing therapy.
PWNCR members can join the August 10th yoga class for the special reduced price of just 2.000 CRC. Please make sure to register for the yoga class below as space is limited!
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We’re Raffling Off  3 Nights in Monteverde!
Win a free stay at the most precious B&B in Monteverde!
Just for showing up for our next meeting on August 10, you’ll have the chance to win 4 days/3 nights at La Colina de Carolina, a lovely bed and breakfast located walking distance from the beach. Escape the hubub of the central valley and get some R&R at the beach! This is a door prize you don’t want to miss!
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