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Women Winning in Business Attendees
Mimi Mudd
May 17, 2019

Women Winning in Business

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PWNCR Meeting May 11, 2019

The PWNCR’s first annual Open House event took place Saturday, May 11. It was received by a lively and engaged crowd. Attendees were popping up out of their seats to share or comment on the presentation — we loved all the interaction with the crowd!
Unfortunately, we hit a glitch getting our recording of the live presentation up onto YouTube. However, Mimi made a webinar-style version of the presentation and you can view that on the event page.

The Biggest Takeaways from the Presentation

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Things You Can Do RIGHT NOW to Gain Visibility in the PWNCR

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The only way to receive the awesome benefits the PWNCR has to offer is to participate! Would you like to write an article for Perhaps you would like to cover a future meeting and write The Buzz, our meeting recap? Do you have an awesome product or service you could promote by donating a door prize? Contact us now!

Join the Leadership Team

Would you love to add PWNCR to your resume? As a member of our Leadership Team, you’ll gain visibility in the network, loads of experience, plus you’ll get to attend our Leadership Team brunches — they’re a blast! Go now to our Leadership Team page and tell us how you can contribute.

Become a Speaker

The very best way to become visible before our extensive network is by becoming a speaker at one of our monthly meetings. If you’d like to apply, simply complete and submit the form on our Become a Speaker page.

And the Winner Is…

Congratulations, Rommy Herrera!

The Buzz May, 2019 24
Rommy was the winner of this month’s door prize: a weekend stay at Casa de las Tias Bed and Breakfast in Escazu! What a prize!!!

Thank you, Pilar Saavedra!

Thank you, Pilar Saavedra, the member who generously donated this awesome door prize! Pilar’s B&B is absolutely precious. It is the perfect place for a romantic getaway with your loved one, a visit to Escazu with family, or to recommend for friends visiting Costa Rica. We encourage you to check out Casa de las Tias and keep it in mind the next time you’re looking for a nice place to stay.

Member Exclusives

Up until now, the biggest benefit of paying the 12.000 CRC annual membership fee to the PWNCR was a reduced cover charge for meetings (members pay 1.000 CRC while visitors pay 5.000 CRC). Members understand there are many more benefits — the network it not sustainable without this contribution.
However, this year we wanted to elaborate on the PWNCR’s three primary initiatives and activities. We decided the best way to do this would be to create a digital library of personal and professional development resources available through our website.
Therefore, members will receive far more value from joining the network because they will be able to access these resources on their own, any time of day. Plus, the library (and the value it provides) will grow each month.

Webinars and Online Workshops

Have you ever attended a professional development webinar? There is a reason they are incredibly popular across all fields and professions. PWNCR will present a wide variety of live-streaming webinars and online workshops. Do you have a suggestion for a webinar topic that we could offer? Would you like to present a webinar to our network yourself? Contact us now and tell us about it!

Speaker Presentation Livestreams

In the near future, you will be able to watch the speaker presentation at our monthly meetings from anywhere in the world! If you’re a member, that is… We heard a lot of feedback from our followers who live outside the central valley. They wanted to be members but could rarely make it out to the presentations in San Jose. By live-streaming the presentations, members who can’t make it to the meeting will be able to tune in and watch each month. They’ll even be able to comment on the presentation live!

Presentation Replays

After the day of the meeting, presentations will exist on our website as a replay! Imagine being able to go back and watch some of the amazing presentations of years past. Unfortunately, those presentations only exist in memory but moving forward, our members will have access to a new and growing digital library of past presentations.
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About the Presenters

Andrea Minicola

The Buzz May, 2019 26
Andrea Minicola is an animal adoption advocate and entrepreneur who has been living in Costa Rica for the past five years. She is the owner of Speakhabla Language Solutions and she made a very special offer during her presentation on May 11.

10% Off English Classes Through Speakhabla

The Buzz May, 2019 27
Andrea is offering a 10 percent discount on English classes through Speakhabla to our entire network. As a special bonus, anyone who signs up for classes will receive one year of PWNCR membership (that means she pays for your first or next year out of her own pocket!). Just click on the image above to contact Andrea directly about her offer.

Mimi Mudd

The Buzz May, 2019 28
Mimi Mudd is a wellness spa consultant and business coach for small business owners and solopreneurs. She also teaches weekly yoga classes at Finca Rosa Blanca in Santa Barbara de Heredia, and is also the co-owner of Custom Furniture Costa Rica.

25% Off 1-On-1 Coaching Packages

The Buzz May, 2019 29
Mimi is offering 25 percent off her four-week coaching packages, plus the same PWNCR membership bonus! Click on the image above to contact Mimi directly about her offer.
Andrea and Mimi agree, joining a professional network is the best way to ensure your success in any professional development path. Be it learning to speak English or marketing your products or services online.

The Buzz About the Event

The Results of Our First LIVE POLL (You Can Participate Below)

The results are in: our members are either doing business online, our they want to! Of the attendees at last meeting, 66 percent are currently doing business online in some form while the other 34 percent said they would like to but lack the knowledge/skills.  The vast majority of attendees (73 percent) said they would attend a presentation on social media business building, while 60 percent said they want to learn the DIY way to build sales funnels online.  Around half of the attendees were equally interested in learning Costa Rica’s working laws, creating and offering online courses, and learning how to plan an event.  But we still want to hear from YOU! If you were not among the group that participated in the live pole on Saturday, May 11, you’re welcome to make your voice heard and contribute your votes now. Your choices will directly shape the activities of the PWNCR for the rest of the year.

PWNCR May Poll

Next Meeting: June 8, 2019

One Woman’s Success Story with Gabriela Gutierrez 

The Buzz May, 2019 30
Through her success story, Gabriela will share:
* Why doing what you like always works
* The advantage of making a plan and sticking to it
* The power of faith — in yourself and the Universe

Price: 1.000 CRC for members and 5.000 CRC for visitors

A Conversation About Costa Rican Income Tax Requirements

Are you struggling to understand Costa Rican income tax requirements? Are you in the dark about Costa Rica’s working laws? Don’t wait until October to begin to sort it all out! Things are changing in this country, but thankfully, our members were sharp enough to know we should all get on top of the changes.
Step 1: Join our Facebook Group so you can ask questions and get answers about Costa Rican working laws and tax requirements.
Step 2: Register for the meeting on June 8 and make sure you attend so you can participate in the live conversation. We’re lining up an expert (TBA) to lead a Q&A session after Gabriela’s presentation.


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