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Sailing Towards Success with Renee Blasky

Sailing Towards Success

Event Highlights

Starts on: February 22, 2020 9:30 am
Ends on: February 22, 2020 12:00 pm
Where: Tin Jo Restaurant
Speaker: Renee Blasky

Join us at our first meeting of the year at Tin Jo Restaurant in San Jose:

Sailing Towards Success with Renee Blasky

Renee joins us virtually from her home in Kenya to share lessons she learned about success through her many adventures.

“Based on my experiences of preparing and sailing an ocean on a 45-foot sailboat from Singapore to Kenya and other adventures including skydiving, scuba diving with sharks, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, etc. Lessons learned from being adventurous:

1) Get Out of Your Comfort Zone!

2) Are other people’s limitations stopping you?

3) Hang out with those who support you, even if they can’t do it themselves,

4) Courage is moving past your fear.

5) Getting a different perspective is hugely beneficial.

6) Life is a gift – go out and grab it!

7)  Pair up with an expert.

8) Focus on what you want”

Courage, Risks, and Rewards

Learn about how having the courage to face risk will give us rewards throughout our lives:

  • Taking a Chance and Making a Mistake
  • Your Attitude Toward Taking Chances
  • Why We Avoid Taking Risks
  • What Supports Risk Taking
  • What We Gain from Taking Chances7 Steps to Increasing Your Productivity
    Take-Aways –  How to:
  • Create the proper mindset to overcome overwhelm
  • Create a morning ritual to increase productivity
  • Stop a common habit to get more done
  • Sharpen your focus with these daily rules
  • Know when it’s the right time to look and respond to emails/phone calls
  • Stop procrastination
  • Take Time Outs and Why It’s So Important

About The Speaker

Renee Blasky


WHEN: February 22, 2020 9:30 am
WHERE: Tin Jo Restaurant

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