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How to Leverage your Career into a Successful Online Coaching Business

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Starts on: August 27, 2022 9:30 am
Ends on: August 27, 2022 11:00 am
Where: Zoom
Speaker: Fabienne Raphael
August Event

We are looking forward to our August event on August 27th at 9:30am with our newest member, Fabienne Raphael. Fabienne hails from Canada, so this will be a virtual event via Zoom, she is  working on making her home in Costa Rica part-time. The details are as follows:

Fabienne will walk us through how to use what you have learned in your professional career to have a successful side-business that could become the next step in your career! How exiting!

  • The number 1 mistake that blocks professionals from launching their coaching business
  • A winning framework to get clients without feeling salesy
  • How to get your First 5 Coaching Clients, even if you don’t have a big audience yet
  • The next step to help you make this happen
  • How to get paid for your market research
  • And more!

About The Speaker

Fabienne Raphael

As a former elite athlete and athletes’ mentor both for Team Canada, Fabienne knows what it means to be driven by achieving big goals. Fabienne is the Creator of the DREAM Method and Online Business Coach for Executives, Leaders, Former Athletes and High Achievers. She helps them monetize their expertise and leverage their career into a successful online coaching or consulting business.

You can learn more about Fabienne on her website.


WHEN: August 27, 2022 9:30 am

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