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The BUZZ – July 2020 – 10 Year Anniversary Edition

July 8, 2020

2020 has already been one helluva year! While we haven’t had the chance to meet much in person, PWNCR has been busy cooking up connections behind the scenes and keeping our network alive digitally…


What’s New With PWNCR?

The BUZZ - July 2020 - 10 Year Anniversary Edition 1

PWNCR’s 10th Anniversary Virtual Toast

On July 17th, 2020, 10 years to the day that the PWNCR had our first meeting, President, Andrea Minicola would like to invite you to join her for a virtual toast to celebrate this special milestone.

This event will be live-streamed on the PWNCR Facebook page at 4 p.m. Current members, past members, past presidents, and friends of PWNCR are invited to raise a glass together to honor the past 10 years… and to celebrate the bright future that lies ahead.

Please hold this date on your calendar; we’d love for you to join us. 

Friday, July 17th at 4:00 PM  @ Live Stream on PWNCR’S Facebook page.

Register Now

A Message From Our President

The BUZZ - July 2020 - 10 Year Anniversary Edition 2Andrea Minicola

Dear Sisters,

It is an honor and privilege for me to address you as the 2020 President of The Professional Women’s Network of Costa Rica. Taking on this role in 2019 was and continues to be very special for me personally and professionally.

Through my presidency of the PWNCR, I want to help women fulfill their potential by empowering them to step up and do more, to be more, and to achieve more.

It’s an understatement to say these last few months have been a challenge for us all. As we navigate working from home; communicating online; kids learning online, and practicing physical distancing we are all learning how to support each other in different ways.

For the PWNCR, we are trying to make productive changes to our usual format in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. We hope you are still participating in your network. My message to you is: you need to network now more than ever.

Despite not having opportunities to have our regular face to face meetings, workshops, and Happy Hours, we are still providing effective ways you can participate in your network. I hope this newsletter keeps you informed and encourages you to stay involved.

The love, support and friendship created through PWNCR initiatives and fundraisers is as important now as ever. I invite you to reach out to us through our social media channels and stay connected to each other. We will get through this together.

ONLINE EVENTS: Lunch & Learn

From Becca Cannon, Director of Guest Speakers

Objective – To help you promote yourself, to Network, to teach us, to help you grown to learn new things!

Covid-19 has presented new challenges but also new opportunities. We all have to THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX! As a result of the current social gathering restrictions, membership had to shift our thinking to compensate. Now we have to do everything online!. Don’t miss the boat! Pivot and change how you do business by signing up for a Lunch and Learn or by attending. We need to continue to grow and support each other!

What is Lunch & Learn? “Lunch & Learns” are 25-30 minute sessions held online via FacebookLive or Zoom. The sessions are hosted by both members and followers of PWNCR who want to share useful information about a topic of their choice while simultaneously promoting their business. The best part of this initiative is that all sessions are recorded and can be accessed after the fact through the PWNCR Facebook page.

If you or someone you know is interested in hosting one of these sessions, please contact info@pwncr.com with the subject line “Lunch & Learn.”

The BUZZ - July 2020 - 10 Year Anniversary Edition 3

Check out our Lunch & Learn with our VP Sarah Joy!

The BUZZ - July 2020 - 10 Year Anniversary Edition 4

What Is Members Spotlight?

The PWNCR turns the spotlight on our members! We want to highlight how they are making a difference in the industry and/or local community and how they have benefited from their membership in the PWNCR. To be highlighted on our website and in our newsletter contact Andrea – president@pwncr.com. If you would like to nominate a fellow member that has made a lasting impression, info@pwncr.com

Denise Bermúdez

The BUZZ - July 2020 - 10 Year Anniversary Edition 5


An advocate of critical thinking and active participant in community groups helping others to find their inner strength for thriving. With a mayor in Business Administration and Public Accounting she is the kind of person that will help you climb the biggest mountain and make you felt that it was a small straight forward road.


 Q/ How long have you been a member of the PWNCR? 

A/ It could have been the social media algorithm, but I prefer to believe it was the power of the universe that invited me to attend the PWNCR open house event “Women Winning in Business”, held on May 11th, 2019 at Tin Jo.

Q/ What has been your favorite PWNCR event to attend? 

A/ I had been searching for a while to connect, to have collaborations and partnerships with like-minded business women. The sense of sisterhood that I experienced at that first meeting is, without any doubt, the reason I felt love at first sight for all the special women in the PWNCR community. My soul will always recall that day with gratitude. It was more than networking or having lunch with strangers; it was finding others who, in their own unique ways, shared many of the thoughts, feelings, struggles, and ideas that were so important to me. I felt instantly connected.

Q/ What do you feel is the most rewarding part of being part of the PWNCR?

A/ Monthly meetings turn out to be more than the opportunity for improving professional and personal growth while having fun. They became the moment to thrive as one: a core principle of life. For me, to know that I have someone, others, special souls around the corner who not only support without judging but also lift my spirit, is definitely a priceless gift.

Q/ Why is being a part of a women’s network important to you?  

A/ As a self-employed entrepreneur, I must spend time mixing with the world outside of my box; this is non-negotiable, since it means investing in the growth of my mind and connecting with new possibilities. I benefit from what I learn, no matter what hat I am wearing: the mom of two little girls relaxes; the woman meets her needs for socialization, allowing the wife to just be; the professional expands her knowledge, and the business advisor provides her clients with a better service.

Q/ What advice do you have for women who are thinking about becoming a member of the PWNCR ?

A/ There are two key elements in experiencing the full power of networking:

  • Talk less and listen more; that way you will fully experience the power of wisdom underneath what you can see.
  • If you want to receive you must ask for what you want. There is no other way.

Q/ Where do you work? 

Honestly, I’m only doing what makes me feel passion: writing and taking care of my company AsesoriasDB, a business concierge with more than ten years in the market.

Q/ What is your position and what does it entail? 

It is more than a title or what I’m able to do, it is the opportunity to lighten others’ journey that makes it worth and excitement.

Q/ Do you have anything you would like to promote or words you would like to share regarding your business/ job? 

Even though we all have limited space in our calendars, I have found great benefit in making room for the special moments at PWNCR events.  These are an opportunity for me to display my inner talents with confidence.    

You are more than welcome to reach me at any of the following:

Q/ What are you doing right now in your life that excites you? 

What gives light to my days is letting go and doing less, while working on that special project that keeps calling me every day.

A Message From Our New Vice President

Sarah Joy Staude

Since taking on the role a couple of months ago I have been using my project management skills with the members of our Leadership Team.

I see my biggest responsibilities to be checking in on ongoing projects and giving support to the Leadership Team members when it’s needed so that we can be sure that we are moving forward on myriad projects at the same time. From fundraising for worthy projects, to lining up new guest speakers (in a virtual capacity for now), to providing more online resources to our membership, we have been busy!

I am proud of how our organization has been pivoting during the pandemic and finding new ways to serve our members!

The BUZZ - July 2020 - 10 Year Anniversary Edition 6

What Can You Do to Stay Involved?

The BUZZ - July 2020 - 10 Year Anniversary Edition 7

Miranda Legg

Do you have any ideas for fundraising? Let’s talk about it!  Do you have more free time now and you would like to help? Let’s all do our part by participating in the PWNCR fundraisers!  It is amazing what a difference we can all make together! Despite being stuck in quarantine for these last few months, PWNCR was still able to have a social impact! We raised almost $300 for Animales de Assis where they are currently taking care of 225 dogs.

We hit our goal! We raised $500 for the Rahab Foundation, which does amazing work rescuing women from sex trafficking. Our immediate goal was to raise $500 for Rahab. Once we reached this goal, a generous member pledged to match it for a total donation of $1000!  If you are interested in donating please contact us now via email.

Coming up…

We are partnering with the Women’s Club of Costa Rica (WCCR) on several projects to benefit people in need in our community including a food drive. Do you have some spare time to help us with promotion or collection? We can work together to help our communities.

The BUZZ - July 2020 - 10 Year Anniversary Edition 8

Share Your News!

To submit an article about your life/business, contact Andrea Minicola at 8498-2458. We can use our website and social media to help you promote your brand, job advertisements, online events, blogs, workshops, or even job change announcements!

Join Our WhatsApp Group

From Phylliss Crist

As a member of the PWNCR you are cordially invited to join us to WhatsApp chat about all facets of personal and professional growth at our general group called “PWNCR.” The second group is dedicated to information about any aspects of COVID-19. It is called “PWNCR COVID-19.” Phylliss Crist will happily add you to either or both groups.
Connect with Phylliss on WhatsApp and let her know which groups you’d like to be included in: exotics2@gmail.com or +506 89916554
The BUZZ - July 2020 - 10 Year Anniversary Edition 9

PWNCR Membership and Benefits

From Rommy Herrera, Director of Membership

Rommy Herrera, Membership ChairThe PWNCR continues to GROW! Women are realizing that networking during Covid-19 social isolation that networking is more important now than ever. Just because we cannot all be together in the same room does not mean you have to stop networking! There are many opportunities to be involved – please do not discount the power of networking ESPECIALLY now that we cannot be face to face.


Some of the benefits of being a PWNCR member are:

  • Opportunities to network with other professionals as well as to make new friends
  • Help to get collaboration and advice in your projects
  • Promote your business using our social media
  • Get strategic contacts when needed
  • Join our monthly meetings
  • Increase your knowledge and education with interesting topics aimed to professional and personal development
  • Lunch and Learn session on Facebook live
  • Webinars and virtual workshops
  • Opportunities to become a speaker in our meetings
  • Become a mentor
  • Belong to our Leadership Team
  • Join our WhatsApp group
  • Increased job opportunity

PWNCR Membership team leaders, Karen Duarte, Ericka Barboza and Rommy Herrera are more than happy to assist you with your memberships questions and needs. We want your PWNCR experience to be a pleasant and fruitful one.

During the last few months we have been sending reminders to renew your membership, contacting our members who we haven’t heard from in the last meetings and getting valuable feedback from them. You can count on us to take your feedback to heart and use it to improve our network.

We have refreshed our communication by creating new and improved outgoing emails. We’re working on more engaging and informative content to guide you on how to promote your business; how to share your ideas, and to be on top with “the Buzz.”

So look for us in your inbox to stay up-to-date on all the great news from PWNCR community!

Also, we want to remind you to include your personal, business and services information in the member’s directory section of our website so other members can find you and you can find contacts in different fields you might need or want.

Membership Fees and Other PWNCR Contributions

We are now able to receive contributions through Banco Nacional, PayPal, and Banco Popular. To renew your membership or pay for upcoming events please use the following bank accounts.

Note: Please indicate your name in the Subject area of the deposit.

Rommy M. Herrera
Ced 1-0764-0571
Banco Nacional de Costa Rica
Banco Popular

The BUZZ - July 2020 - 10 Year Anniversary Edition 10

Virtual Meet & Greet & Networking

Virtual Meet & Greet & Networking for new members with Sarah Joy


Membership Renewal 2020-2021! Renew Now!

The renewal date for most members is July 1st*. New and Old members are invited to attend a Virtual Meet, Greet & Networking — via Zoom Time to say ”hi” to your Network friends, do a little networking, offer help and receive help. If you are interested – An access link will be emailed prior to the event.

You can also email our VP Sarah Joy Staude and Rommy Herrera to get more information: info@pwncr.com

The BUZZ - July 2020 - 10 Year Anniversary Edition 11

Shop Local

Please Remember to Patronize Our Members’ Small Businesses and Other Local Businesses

The last three months have been a particularly difficult time for our local small businesses. Many of these may never be able to recover and will be forced to close forever, so please remember to patronize our local businesses: shops, restaurants, services, organizations, hair salons, garden centers and farmers markets, as soon as they open back up! The large chain stores will survive — the small businesses need our help!

Promote your small business!

Email information to Andrea Minicola to be included in the upcoming newsletter
The BUZZ - July 2020 - 10 Year Anniversary Edition 12

What Is Small Business Spotlight?

ATTENTION: Local Small Business Owners! Are you interested in reaching potential customers? If so, we would like the opportunity to help you reach that goal. The best part is ….it’s 100% FREE!

Our marketing / social media reaches 100,000+ residents in Costa Rica each month and we want to help your business/brand succeed!  Email Andrea president@pwncr.com to be featured in our next newsletter and to be promoted through our social media.

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