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Share Your Success Story

She your success story
Mimi Mudd
June 3, 2019

PWNCR Wants to Know YOUR Success Story

You’ve climbed to the top of the mountain.
You’ve defeated those inner demons who said you couldn’t, and proven all the skeptics around you wrong.
You are a woman who has seen success, be it big or small, and the Professional Women’s Network of Costa Rica wants to hear about it!
We are launching a new content series this year featuring the success stories of professional women in Costa Rica. The stories will be told by women just like you. Some of them will share the story of their achievements over a decades-long career, while others will share a small win they had that set them on the right path.

Why Success Stories Matter

When you share your success story you light the way for another woman to follow in your footsteps. She might not even work in the same sector as you; her goals may be completely different from yours.
Regardless, your story could give her the motivation she needs to seek her own success.
Throughout this series, we aim to present the diversity of success in business and what it means to each individual. Our goals for this content are to:

  • Inspire more women to follow their dreams
  • Celebrate one another’s achievements
  • Provide anecdotes, tips, and strategies that other women can learn from
  • Encourage a culture of women who support and uplift one another
  • Become Costa Rica’s top news source covering successful women

“What Story Should I Share?”

At this point you’re probably asking yourself, “what even is my success story?”
You have one, I’m sure, but it might not be obvious right now. I suggest you sleep on it; meditate about it, or do some journaling. The story you should share is the one that still gives you butterflies to talk about it. It’s the one that might not have looked like such a big deal from the outside, but for you, it was a total whirlwind!

“Who Wants to Hear My Story?”

Probably a lot more people than you imagine!
Let’s be real here, not everyone is going to be interested in every success story. Some of us might feel that little green monster bubble up inside. Others might be bored to sleep. Don’t try to entertain everyone with your story because you just can’t — that’s how life is.
However, for every success story that is told with honesty and soul, there will be at least one listener whose life is forever changed. She doesn’t just want to hear your story; she needs to hear it so she can know what’s possible!

One Woman’s Success Story

Join the PWNCR on Saturday, June 8, when Gabriela Gutierrez kicks off the series with her own personal success story! Gabriela is a very interesting woman with some amazing life experience to share! This is definitely a meeting you don’t want to miss.

It’s Time to Share Your Success Story

This is your moment to shine! Be proud, be bold, and light the way through the darkness for other women to follow. There are several ways you can share your story with the PWNCR. Pick the one (or three) that suits your comfort level:

  • Write your story in a blog post for PWNCR.com
  • Tell your story in a private interview like this interview I did recently of Siulem Li
  • Create a webinar or online workshop that uses your story to teach others something of value
  • Become a speaker for the PWNCR and share your story just like Gabriela

Email us today and tell us how you would like to tell your story!


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