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How Can PWNCR Help YOU Win in Business?

Mimi Mudd
May 3, 2019

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I can honestly say that participating in the Professional Women’s Network of Costa Rica has helped me win in business. But what does that even mean? I first attended the PWNCR as a speaker and I actually didn’t come back to another meeting for several months. I wanted to come back, I was just super busy…
After that first meeting, the wins kept rolling in (and I’m not exaggerating here). I’ll go into a bit more detail about the flood of “good luck” that came my way after I met the ladies of the PWNCR during my presentation next week (go register right now if you haven’t already!). Here is a quick rundown of my wins:

  • I grew my email list
  • I hosted a joint venture webinar with a PWNCR member and made around $300 in sales
  • I was invited to attend a 2-day workshop for women entrepreneurs at the Marriott
  • I used what I learned in the workshop to transform an old hotel into a healing center, marking my biggest wellness spa project to date

How Can PWNCR Help YOU Win in Business?

Your experience in the PWNCR will be different from mine because you are on a completely different path. You have your own unique ambitions, your own goals, and your own struggles.
I just told you the good things that happened in my business after attending my first meeting, but there are many other ways the PWNCR can help you win in your business.
Check out the primary initiatives of the PWNCR below, or scroll down to the bottom of this article to take a quick poll. Your feedback is essential as we fuel the growth of our network and provide more value for members!

Networking Amongst Professional Women

The PWNCR hosts monthly meetings and each one is an opportunity to meet the woman (or women) who could change your life! We get started chatting, snacking and sipping coffee at 9:30. Attendees typically have 90 minutes to mingle and network before the presentation begins.
After the presentation, you can keep the conversation going during lunch. Sometimes the group that stays for lunch is so big we fill up an entire room of the restaurant!

Become a Speaker 

I can tell you from experience, the fastest way to kickstart your networking mojo is to put yourself out there as a presenter. Do you have something to share that would provide real value for professional women in Costa Rica? Would you like to stand before a supportive audience and test out an offer for your products or services?
In addition to the networking mojo and sales opportunity, if you’re selected to become a speaker for the PWNCR you will also receive free membership for a year!

Community Service and Outreach Programs

The PWNCR has a long-standing relationship with the Rahab Foundation of Costa Rica. Rahab supports women who have been trafficked or worked as prostitutes by helping them learn new skills and find paying jobs.

Social Responsibility for Small Business

We also support a wide range of social responsibility efforts led by our members and their individual businesses. Are you looking for ways to raise awareness about the cause you support? Our network is a great place to start!

Personal and Professional Development

Networking with your fellow female solopreneurs and small business owners is the best way to develop the communication skills essential for success in business. PWNCR can also fuel your personal and professional development by providing:

  • A place for non-native English-speakers to develop their professional conversational skills
  • An opportunity to develop public speaking and presentation skills
  • Author credits as a writer for the PWNCR
  • Mentoring opportunities from a diverse group of successful professional women

Member-Exclusive Webinars

Starting this month, the PWNCR is introducing a brand new benefit to paid membership: member-exclusive webinars! Through our website, we will host live video workshops on a variety of professional development topics. Proposed webinars in the works include

  • How to Plan a Visit to Costa Rica
  • Create Your Own WordPress Website (Even if You’re Not Techie at All)
  • The DIY Way to Build a Sales Funnel Online

Tell Us! How Can The PWNCR Help YOU???

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