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The Buzz September 2019

Mimi Mudd
September 27, 2019

After scheduled speaker Jessica Eliasson was forced to cancel her presentation on vegan cooking we took a different direction with the September PWNCR meeting. Instead of searching for a last-minute presenter (or throwing a presentation together ourselves), we called on our members to share and learn from each other’s dietary experience.

Healing Diet Roundtable: From Moms to Menopause

The meeting opened with a sensory food meditation led by Maria Hon, owner of Tin Jo Restaurant. Maria brought us all into the moment by playing the Tibetan bowl. She then invited us to enjoy a very slow and conscious experience of our food.
Maria explained how eating in a mindful allows your body and mind to receive more nourishment from your food. She then asked us to visualize the life of the uchuva, imagining it since it was a little seed; the sunshine and rain helping it grow…
She instructed us to take little round fruits in our fingers and observe our reaction to its oily-sticky texture. Before even biting into it, we rolled it around in our mouths and squeezed at its juices.
We all agreed that the exercise effectively intensified the flavor of the fruit. Maria asked us to compare this sensation with the times we eat in front of a computer in the rush of everyday life, not paying attention to our meals.
Avocado Toast and Fresh Farmer's Market Salad
After prepping our palate with uchuvas, we moved on to Avocado toast and a fresh farmer’s market salad topped with tamarindo dressing from Tin Jo.
The round table discussion included our experiences in healthy eating and preparing meals for children, along with the pros and cons of a vegan diet. Everyone had something to share. Some of the members brought books and magazines with a lot of tips and recommendations while others shared bad health episodes they had in the past and what they discovered during their healing process.
We closed the meeting by each sharing a success story we had during the week. t helped to get to know each other and connect in different levels.

The Next Meeting: October 19, 2019

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