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Email list: a doorway to a person’s heart

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Laurel Anderson
March 8, 2022

Why does someone signup for your email list? Somewhere, somehow through social media, word of mouth, your website, someone looked for a solution and found you! Your emails can make all the difference in someone’s life when you have the product or service they need.

To be able to serve them on a consistent basis, and offer them the answers they seek to solve their problems,  set up your email list.

There are many platforms for sending out emails. Our tutorial is with Mailchimp, a free service that has many ways to help you stay in touch with your clients.

Your email list creates trust and value

It’s the way to develop a relationship for your community so that someday they become paying customers. But they may never become paying customers.

If you develop a relationship and provide consistent content that helps them, they may be happy with that. BUT they may also know someone who needs your products and services and recommend you. There’s nothing better than word-of-mouth advertising!

One of the best emails ever written about emails is written by Laura Belgray, someone who has made millions teaching people how to write emails and why it’s so cool to have an email list. Check out her post here. I am on her email list just because they are so informative and fun.

Have I ever bought her course? No, but I continue to open her emails for great information and inspiration about writing emails. And I’m telling you about her!

Get started on creating your own email list.

Our first video on how to create an email account in Mailchimp is RIGHT HERE


Automated Emails

We’ve created two tutorials in regards to automated emails. The first is your one-time welcome email that is sent out immediately after your subscriber signs up for your email.

Create a gift to inspire someone to sign up with you. It could be a discount, an offer for a one on one call, entering a raffle, something that sparks your reader’s interest and encourages them to sign up.

For example, I have a paid course on how to make your own canvas rug. My offer to sign up for my email list is the first two modules for free!

Your automated Welcome Email is a great way to deliver your gift.

Check out this video


Automated sequence emails

You can set up a series of emails that say hello, ask about your client, tell them about your social media pages, and more.

Watch this video to learn HOW TO MAKE YOUR AUTOMATED SEQUENCE!

In our next blog, we’ll share how to write a great email.


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