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What’s Happening This Month with the PWNCR? – August 2022

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Sarah Joy
August 11, 2022

Dear PWNCR Members and Friends,

The past few months have been a whirlwind of activity for the Professional Women’s Network of Costa Rica! After two long years of staying home and virtual meetings, we have ventured out and had wonderful opportunities to connect in person once again.

  • In May we held a fundraising luncheon for the Costa Rican Humanitarian Foundation (CRHF) and signed paperwork to become an official Association.
  • In June we held a second fundraising luncheon for CRHF. We also organized an excursion to The Ark Botanical Garden in Heredia and the month’s event, the “Because You Are Worth It Workshop” with Dawn Bates
  • In July we officially became an Association and celebrated our 12th Anniversary with a Speed Networking Event at Tin Jo Restaurant – thank you Yorleny for taking professional headshots and for helping to kick off our 2023 fundraiser for the Rahab Foundation.

We are gearing up for more exciting events throughout the rest of the year. Please scroll down for announcements of what events and activities are coming up.

I am so proud of all of us for making it through the past two and a half years of world-wide pandemic times – leaning on one another, advancing in our professional careers and learning new skills. A special thank you to each member of the Leadership Team and thank you to each member and friend of the PWNCR – your participation is what makes our network such a wonderful community!

Last but not least, I am simply thrilled to announce our newest member of the Leadership Team, our Director of Communications, Ana Guerrero. She will be instrumental in helping get communications out to you all and having clear messaging. Ana Guerrero is a Tica who has lived in Italy and England for many years, and worked for international organizations including the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). She has a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and Marketing and, in her last role, was in charge of Marketing and Communications at the University for Peace (2017-2020). Ana is also a Vital Voices Mentor and an Official Translator (English-Spanish). A mother to a teenage daughter and a cat, Ana loves traveling, eating ethnic foods and learning about other cultures. Read more about her in her LinkedIn profile and be sure to follow her on Instagram.

Best Regards,
Sarah Joy Staude
President of the PWNCR

Announcements and Updates on our projects and events.

  • August Event
  • September Event
  • October Event
  • November Event
  • Membership Update
  • Social Responsibility Update

Please feel free to scroll down to what matters most to you.

August Event

We are looking forward to our August event on August 27th at 9:30am with our newest member, Fabienne Raphael. Fabienne hails from Canada but is working on making her home in Costa Rica part-time. This will be a virtual event via Zoom and the details are as follows:

Topic: How to Leverage your Career into a Successful Online Coaching Business
Speaker: Fabienne Raphael
Date: August 27, 2022
Location: virtual, via Zoom
Category: Monthly Meeting
Start Time: 9:30am
End Time: 11:00am

Fabienne will walk us through how to use what you have learned in your professional career to have a successful side-business that could become the next step in your career! Register for the event now by clicking here!

  • The number 1 mistake that blocks professionals from launching their coaching business
  • A winning framework to get clients without feeling salesy
  • How to get your First 5 Coaching Clients, even if you don’t have a big audience yet
  • The next step to help you make this happen
  • How to get paid for your market research
  • And more!

As a former elite athlete and athletes’ mentor, both for Team Canada, Fabienne knows what it means to be driven by achieving big goals. Fabienne is the Creator of the DREAM Method, an Online Business Coach for Executives, Leaders, Former Athletes and High Achievers. She helps them monetize their expertise and leverage their career into a successful online coaching or consulting business. Check out her website for more detailed information.


September Event

September 24 – Field Trip to José Figueres Ferrer Museum in La Lucha, Turrialba and fundraiser for the Rahab Foundation

October Event

October 15 – Glenda Padilla will teach us about Cybersecurity and awareness – at Restaurant Tin Jo

November Event

November 19 – PWNCR Goods & Services Fair – at Restaurant Tin Jo

Benefits of PWNCR Membership

What’s in it for you? What we know you’ll gain from becoming a member:

  • Opportunities to network with other professionals
  • Lifelong friendships
  • Get collaboration and advice on your projects
  • Promote your business using our social media
  • Get strategic contacts when needed
  • Join our monthly meetings
  • In-person events and workshops
  • Opportunities to become a speaker at our meetings
  • Become a mentor or receive mentorship
  • Opportunities to belong to our Leadership Team
  • Join our WhatsApp group
  • Increased job opportunities
  • Webinars and virtual workshops
  • Knowledge and education on professional and personal development

Membership is only ¢20.000 per year or ¢50.000 for a 3 year membership. Join us, won’t you?

Payment information:
Sinpe Móvil (Costa Rica only): 8565 2247

Please connect with us for bank transfer information.

Social Responsibility Update

Costa Rican Humanitarian Foundation – PWNCR Fundraising Campaign 2021-2022

We have achieved and surpassed our goal of US$ 500 reaching a total amount of US$ 1,113 for the Costa Rican Humanitarian Foundation run by @Gail Nystrom Fundraising Campaign between October 2021 and June 2022!

Thank you to all the PWNCR members who contributed to make it possible. A special thank you to @Shilpa Agarwal from Rasoi Sabores de la India Restaurant, Dawn Bates for her great workshop “Because you are worth it!” and Tin Jo Restaurant, for giving us the opportunity to contribute while having a wonderful return to face-to-face events!

Rahab Foundation – PWNCR Fundraising Campaign 2023

We are officially starting our Fundraising campaign for Rahab Foundation, which will continue all through the month of November.

The Rahab Foundation has been working against sexual exploitation and human trafficking in Costa Rica since 1997. If you are not familiar with their work yet, you can learn more about this amazing organization on their Facebook page or watch a presentation by Rahab Foundation’s Founder and Director, Mariliana Morales, on our Youtube channel.

Donations can be made directly to the Fundación Rahab locally via SINPE Movil or with a transfer to their Banco Nacional accounts. There is also an option to make a US tax deductible donation via Amigos de Costa Rica.

SINPE Móvil: Name: Fundación Rahab. Phone number: 8858 0589

Banco Nacional
Name: Fundación Rahab.
Account in colones: Cuenta IBAN: CR25015109510010001434
Account in dollars: Cuenta IBAN: CR82015109520020023272

When you make a donation, please put PWNCR in the description so we can keep track of all donations! Also (and this is super important), please notify administracion@fundacionrahab.org and info@pwncr.com so we can recognize you as a donor!

A big thank you to PWNCR’s Social Responsibililty Manager, Natalia Hidalgo Morillo!




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