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Professional Women’s Network Buzz January 2019

March 4, 2019

There were 6 attendees, 3 members and 3 visitors.  7 stayed for lunch, including the speaker. Tin Jo did a wonderful job of setting up as usual.
Laurel gave a wonderful thought provoking presentation about the law of attraction.  Although I have studied it, even I learned something new!
6 attendees filled out our questionnaire.
From 1 to 5 (low to high)

  • Networking Value 13 – Avg. 4.33 (3 answered)
  • Business Value 13 – Avg.  4.33 (3 answered)
  • Personal Life 28 – Avg.  4.66 (6 answered)

Everyone agreed it would have a better meeting had more people attended to have a more thorough discussion of the topic.
Number one take-away:

  • Thinking differently about things.
  • Focus on emotions not thoughts.
  • Information on how to network.
  • Reaffirmation of positive thinking and gratefulness.
  • Chemical addiction related to sadness and anger.
  • Reafirmar lo integral que somos (reaffirming the wholeness that we are).

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