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Professional Women's Network Buzz July 2017

August 15, 2017

We once again had a wonderful presentation from Cecilia Tristan covering the rules for different types of residency when you work. Other legal questions were covered during the question and answer period. We hope to see more presentations from her as the legal requirements in Costa Rica are constantly changing.
We had 10 attendees and 5 stayed for lunch. There was some good networking going on and we certainly enjoyed the food! The place where the meeting was held was a bit awkward, but we have been assured that in the future we will have other rooms.
A reminder…. next month Laurel will be giving a hands-on presentation about Facebook. How to activate an account, using it for advertising, adding pictures, etc. Space will be limited as we will be bringing our computers and we will be following her instructions, step by step. When you get the Buzz, enroll IMMEDIATELY if you want to attend this class!

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