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Professional Women's Network Buzz August 2017

August 15, 2017

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Laurel Anderson gave a fantastic presentation! She covered many aspects of Facebook that we didn’t even realize existed. It was so clear that the question period was not even needed! Talk about a rare situation! The company was enjoyable and the interaction enlightening. The Tin Jo staff came through with flying colors providing tables for computers providing a great learning environment.
This opens the door for more hands on PC presentations.
Here are some comments from attendees about the meeting:
The clarification of all the features I had never explored.
This is not easy.
I learned how to create a Facebook page.
Info on boosting.
Actively manage FB page, increase ROI.
All hands-on.
Wonderful information to apply to my online teaching Facebook site.
Think about what to do with Facebook – do I have time?!
Schedule FB business time (not cruising time).
Learning of functions on Facebook.
Click here to download the PowerPoint presentation of Laurels Facebook Page Class
Click here to download the Word Document
As a bonus Laurel has provided a word doc for using Picmonkey, a free graphics design website that has many templates for graphic art. A useful template is the Facebook banner that comes in the correct size to upload to your Fan page.
Click here to download the PicMonkey Word Document
Here are some Royalty Free Photo sites as well with free photos and photos for purchase for your marketing needs.

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