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Professional Women’s Network Buzz May 2017

May 12, 2018

Well, it was a winner!  Everyone enjoyed being involved, doing the exercises in their chairs, getting the modified version, and all the advice and items to purchase to help you be the best you can be! The return sheets were full of compliments for the speaker!
Tin Jo did their usual excellent job of making us feel welcome.  They immediately made some changes in the equipment that I requested.  No wonder we love them!
With 13 attendees staying for lunch all sorts of contacts were made with exchanges of telephone #’s and e-mail addresses, and ideas were flying around. Smiles and an uplifting feeling when we left.
I learned so much this was just what I needed.
The importance of stretching.
Helpful exercises. Stretching.
The way to use chairs to do stretches.
To be aware of moving throughout the day.
Excellent down-to-earth suggestions.
Loved the practices.
These were wonderful tools to enhance the quality of our lives.
And this is just what we at PWN are striving to do, provide tools to enhance our personal and professional lives. Thank you Mimi Mudd !   Learn more about Mimi and her work at

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