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Professional Women’s Network Buzz September 2018

October 1, 2018

Gretchen conducted the PWN meeting and Veena gave an outstanding presentation, for which Gretchen thanked her on our behalf!
Veena Siddharth gave an interesting and informative presentation. We had to cut questioning short as we ran out of time. However she continued to answer questions during lunch.
Betty Lewis has joined us as a member.
We had 19 attendees including the speaker. In the audience were11 members and 6 visitors.
Tin Jo did a wonderful job of setting up and helping the speaker with her computer.
Number one take-away:
Explanation of Gender Gap Index and the further research you should do to really understand it.
Very interesting talk and experience.
To learn about women’s reality now-a-days.
Fantastic topic.
Very interesting data and point of view.
Great information and insight.
Interesting, revealing data with which to argue for women!
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