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Professional Women’s Network Buzz August 2018

August 17, 2018

Our meeting with Lorea Pino was very exciting. We learned many new things about vocational training in the educational system. It’s important to learn more and share this information so more companies and schools can be involved. We learned how if helps young people train for relevant jobs, how it benefits companies to train and then have trained employees and how it helps our government increasing the economics for the entire country.
Wonderful stuff! Lorea has shared her presentation with us to send out to all of you. Download the PDF to see a short but very useful and clear explanation of The Dual Education System!
We had some great door prizes and 15 attendees stayed for lunch!

Next Month September 22 we’ll have Veena Siddarth as our speaker.
Gender Equality and Human Rights

  • Women have made tremendous advances globally in the past 40 years
  • What are the new challenges and how do they vary regionally and within countries?
  • What can we learn from countries where women and men enjoy relatively equal opportunities and status? What are the newest ways to promote equal opportunities for women and men?

Veena Siddharth was born in the US and grew up in Canada and India before moving to the US when she was 9. She started her career as a Peace Corps Volunteer working with rural women in Nepal. Since then she has worked in the US, UK, Africa, Asia and Latin America on poverty, human rights and women’s rights for the United Nations, World Bank, Oxfam International and Human Rights Watch, among other organizations. She has degrees from Bryn Mawr College, Harvard University and University College London. Veena moved to Costa Rica with her family a year ago and lives in Santo Domingo de Heredia, where she plays the viola in the community orchestra.
Professional Women’s Network Buzz August 2018 1

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